Visitor Management System for iPad and Android Tablets

Streamline your visitor management process with our easy-to-use app, allowing quick registration, QR code generation, appointment tracking, and meeting room scheduling. Stay compliant and secure with our efficient visitor management system.


Quick Check-In

The app allows visitors to quickly check themselves in by filling out a digital form on the tablet and generating a QR code that can be scanned by the receptionist. This reduces waiting times and increases efficiency.

Appointment Tracking

CThe app helps track visitor appointments and provides notifications to the host when their visitor has checked in, making it easy to manage and coordinate meetings.

Meeting Room Management

The app has a feature that allows for easy scheduling and management of meeting rooms. Users can view the availability of rooms, reserve them, and even receive notifications when their meeting is about to start. This ensures efficient use of space and eliminates scheduling conflicts.


The visitor management system app is a user-friendly and efficient solution that simplifies visitor check-ins for organizations. With two main sections for quick visitor registration and appointment tracking, the app enables visitors to easily generate QR codes and proceed to their destination. It also offers easy meeting room scheduling and appointment tracking, making it an essential tool for organizations looking to improve their visitor experience and workflow.

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